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Seagrass Ecology in a World of Climate C...

Seagrass Ecology in a World of Climate Change

Seagrasses are known for supporting an extremely biodiverse ecosystem, including the charming but endangered manatee. It is also the home of many fish used in commercial fishing. Therefore, when considering conservation of these species, it is very important to note that seagrass populations are declining overall worldwide. While factors such as physical mechanical damage, coastal […]

Scalloped Hammerhead Conservation Effort...

Scalloped Hammerhead Conservation Efforts

Throughout the summer, I have been researching the patterns of the Scalloped Hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) in the waters of Cape May and Wildwood from this year compared to last year’s data. Last year the American and Atlantic Star only had one data entry on a Scalloped hammerhead sighting, meaning one sighting where the shark stayed […]